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GreenLeaf Guarantees And Terms of Sale- 

Sex, morphology and all information is guaranteed accurate as specified in the listing.
Pictures and depiction of gecko guaranteed to be accurate to the best of our limited photographic capability.


Exactly that, the gecko is guaranteed to be better in person.

Lineage as available, guaranteed to the best of our knowledge and records.


Geckos labelled UNSEXED have not been checked, usually 3g-7g unless specified.

We don't really enjoy sexing geckos young as it is too stressful to corral little cresties when it's not necessary to.

Geckos labelled PV or NPV have been sexed to the best of our ability using either a magnifying glass or digital microscope, but are not guaranteed under 17g.

Geckos sold as MALE or FEMALE over 20g are guaranteed accurate.

PROVEN geckos are defined as proven to have a) bred and b) reproduced or outproduced themselves.

Shipping is not included in the pricing, and can cost $50-120 depending on location.
For Los Angeles Customers or  show pickup contact us for shipping rebate promo code.

If you want to use your own label, use origin location FEDEX HUB 16633 SCHOENBORN ST NORTH HILLS 91343 and email to with your order number.

For international clients, free shipping means to the courier/aggregator. You are responsible for shipping costs from Exporter to Importer to your door. 

Live Arrival Guarantee-
We ship at our discretion based on the weather along the route and anticipated travel mishaps. 

As of 2022 we only ship too your preferred FedEx hub. 

No more door to door, except with community reference.

Proper, professional packaging is guaranteed, and live arrival is expected and guaranteed as well.
If we ship it, we guarantee that it'll make it.
You have to let us know if there is a problem immediately upon receipt;
DOA claims expire 1 hour after HAL/hub pickup is release.
Any issues are to be reported immediately.
Please be ready to provide photos and videos as requested for DOA claims.
DOA claims approved can choose between a replacement gecko or refund minus shipping.

International shipments are DOA guaranteed to the courier/aggregator in the USA.

Overseas DOA claims approved will be issued store credit/replacement geckos.

Health Guarantee-
Geckos are guaranteed to be healthy, hydrated, and addicted to Pangea, free of defects unless specified as "Pet Only", and the weight specified +/- a poop.

We raise all our geckos for a while before we sell, so if one dies in the first week or exhibits health issues, please be ready to provide photos and documentation of setup, temps and other information as requested in order to help understand what is happening.

Payment Info-


Except for USPS, Zelle, and Crypto payments.

Holds/plans available for up to 45 days @30% non refundable paid through Zelle with the rest to be paid at expiration of terms for geckos over $500.

Geckos under $500 are offered terms @50% down and 30 days to remit balance on a case by case basis. Expedite by providing a community reference.
Expired terms forfeit deposit and gecko will be relisted.

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