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The Females

Pangea Reptile

This beautiful female is part of the OG collection that we had originally started with. 

She has been absolutely instrumental in helping us produce a variety of beautiful geckos.

Notably, she produced Scrawberry and YLS2, red and lavender clones of herself that are now in our breeding ranks.

A great example of the top end of lavender coloration- stays true to the purple hue both fired up and down.

Greenleaf Geckos

Psycho x Pangea

We weren't expecting reds because this girl was produced at a time when we weren't expecting anything, really.  When she hatched in 2016, we did manage to recognize that we had some solid red potential.

A solid representation of her mom's pattern and structure, unfired she is a pinkish gecko.

She fires up her vivid red, and passes it down, creating some our our nicest red lillies and red phantoms.

GreenLeaf Geckos

RugBurn x Scrawberry

We absolutely love this gecko.

With Scrawberry we knew had a solid red line to exploit, but she needed some more pattern and oomph to really take to the next level.

Fumi is the one of the geckos that represents us elevating our projects to another level.

We are beyond pumped to be welcoming her kids into our gecko world this year!

GreenLeaf Geckos

Splotchy white, highlighter yellow highlights to her crests and pattern make us absolutely love this female. 

We produced her several years ago from what we suspect was a Psycho x TriP pairing, before we really buttoned up our pairing data to be able to confirm.

We kept her onboard, and with RugBurn's help, created one of our top 3 personal favorite productions in Flawless.