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While we do have availability that is visible, we do try to have fun with our customers as much as possible. If you have ever met us at a show or done business with us, you know what we are talking about. A little extra on the experience because it is about more than just the geckos for us!

That said, here in our shop, amongst other things-

you will find the thing that we have went full steam into making special-


While we are not the first to do a Mystery Box, we definitely put a lot of effort into making them special. All geckos are hand selected to impress, never to move inventory, and with value to you as reward for embarking on the mysterious.

Whatever else is visible and it is what it is, contact for questions.

All geckos are eating Pangea assorted flavors and bugs unless specified as a non bugger.

As always, please reach out to sales@greenleafgeckos.com for any further information or to submit offers.

Discount on multiples available. Contact before purchase for special coupon code.