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The Males

Austral Gecko

Its no secret that we absolutely love this gecko.

Produced by Austral Gecko's Lewinsky x Tremor, we snagged this male to act as our cornerstone male to expand the red line that we had created in Scrawberry.

A stunning example of a red tricolor that stays red as an adult, Rugburn has produced and continues to produce some of our favorite geckos.


Helios Exotics(?)

We consider Mitchell to be the quintessential tricolor pinstripe.

He is our cornerstone for all things Tricolor, having produced stunners in every pairing he is involved in. His lateral pattern, a serrated White Wall, is what attracted us to him in the first place. This is what our goal gecko is always in our Tricolor productions.

We are fortunate to have a lot of his kids now joining our breeder ranks, and more of his kids to release.

Lilly Exotics

We needed the perfect Lilly White male if we were going to achieve our goals of hitting red lillies, and this beautiful boy Blizzard hit the ground running to offer his services.

Perfect example of a well structured Lilly with stunning true white.

High coverage is cool, but we also really like and appreciate the patterned Lilly that we have in Blizzard and his ability to make some stunning offspring.

Lilly Exotics

Another Lilly White, but when you see him you understand why we had to have him.

We like lillies that have a unique look, and Chief fits the bill and then some. 

We particularly like his extreme pattern and the contrast between the white and yellow.

He has managed to produce some gorgeous yellow offspring for us and we look forward to seeing what else he can get involved with in the future.

Pangea Reptile

Psycho is one of our original males that we snagged from Pangea for the breeding colony.

He's a great example of a good male to begin with, one with many traits to expand upon.

We love his crests, portholes,  and other nuances that have allowed us to create some excellent holdbacks over the years.

We credit him for some of our OG breeders such as Polarisisisis and Scrawberry.