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Production and Clutch Record

This page is dedicated to all of the photos that we have accumulated over the years.

We tried to be as comprehensive as possible to try and provide both pairing and progression data as available.

There are noticeable gaps from the periods where we either didn't take records as seriously (2011-2017) or the data was lost, but a lot of information is still here.

We hope this page will serve some purpose to you as well if researching pairings or projects.

This part is always a work in progress, especially now as we try and have a photographic record of all our productions.

2018 Tester 
RC Psycho x  TRiP x ACR 'Halloween' 
BirdPerson x TRiP
ACR SuperStripe x Pangea
ACR Superstripe x PotatOne

2019 Proof of Concept
Mitchell x Laurie
RugBurn x Scrawberry
RugBurn x Kashmar
RugBurn x Polarisisisis
Mitchell x CAYlyx
Mitchell x Weirdo

2015-2017 (highly incomplete)
Morty x TRiP
Morty x PotatOne
Morty x Pangea
Psycho x TriP
Psycho x Pangea
Stubbs x    ????

2020 Goal: Red Lillies
Blizzard(LW) x Equinox
RugBurn x Vishanti (LW)
Blizzard(LW) x Scrawberry
Blizzard(LW) x Red2
Mitchell x Kashmar
Blizzard(LW) x Pangea

2021 Breed 'Em If You Got 'Em
Chief (LW) x CAYlyx
RugBurn x Equinox
RugBurn x Amary (LW)

MW3 x Flawless
MW3 x Polarisisisis
Psycho x Pangea
RuScLavender x YLS
Mitchell x Fumi
Mitchell x Tiny
Mitchell x Laurie
Mitchell x Trixie

2022 Collabs
Specialty Herp
Vishanti x LV
Amary x LV
ML2 x Vault Jr.
MC x
AExanthic x 100% Het 
5/7 visuals

Xoelte x Yachty
Morty x Equinox
GoldenBoy x PotaTwo
RugBurn x Scrawberry

(Austral Polaris Cinderella)x PotaTwo 
STasik x Yachty
MC4 x M1a 
AExanthic x KMShet
[CLASSIFIED] x Aksantova


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