Future Prospects and the Unproven

These geckos are either growing up or have yet to participate in a full season project for us.

They all share one thing in common-



GreenLeaf Geckos

Mitchell x Kashmar

Stunner of a female and an immediate holdback, this kid grabbed our attention out of the egg!

Kashmar is an Owen x Venus kid for the lineage nerds, and Mitchell is a star here for his ability to make hit after hit with any project we add him into.

This female is growing quickly and we cant wait to utilize her in some projects! One of our favorite productions ever, really.

Unnamed LW
Greenleaf Geckos

Blizzard x Scrawberry

We really wanted to make a holdback Red Lilly White, and we succeeded when this stud hatched out!

This male exceeded our expectations and then some. Funnily enough, before he really started to display his red, we had brought him to a show to list as a special. He refused to fire the whole weekend, and thus came back home with us.

How unfortunate!

GreenLeaf Geckos

Mitchell x CAYlyx

This is GoldenBoy's brother, but you'd be hard pressed to guess that! 

What started out as a weird creamy white wall lavender which we were on the fence about keeping grew into one of our most extreme expressions of the white spot trait.

We attribute this to CAYlyx, as everything in her family tree inherits white spot and drip.

M1A aka Mia
Crimson Cresties

Winchester x Galadriel

Look first and foremost shout out to Donna at Crimson Cresties for putting out such high quality work.

This gecko is a crowd favorite and demands everyone's attention whenever we bring her to a show or post her up. 

Her name a nod to Springfield Armory M1A chambered in .308 Winchester, we anticipate her pairing with MC4 will provide some absolutely mindblowing results!

GreenLeaf Geckos

RugBurn x Vishanti

Lilly whites do good stuff in all sorts of projects, and look great in most iterations of the morph.

For us, initial goals were red lilly whites, secondary were high coverage.

We absolutely nailed high coverage with this beautiful female out Vishanti, and look forward to her future here. 

She is extra special to us being that Vishanti was our first Lilly White and one that made us excited about breeding geckos again- now, even more so.

KMS Axanthic
KMS Reptiles

Joanna x Blackened

We wanted to get into Axanthics but as with all our geckos we wanted to get something that was exciting. This beautiful female from KMS captured our hearts and we jetted over to Michigan to snatch her up. 

Absolutely gorgeous and we have enjoyed watching her grow up. Although a voracious bug feeder, she wont realistically be able to breed until January 2024, and the possibilities of what to do with her only increase every year!

100% Het Axanthic
KMS Reptiles

Onyx x Midnight

What's the point of trying to make cookies without flour?

We had to snag this boy to complete the recipe. Contrary to his stablemate, this guy will be putting effort in with AExanthic in February/March 2023 and we can't wait to see the babies.

GreenLeaf Geckos

RugBurn x Polarisisisis

This male from RugBurn and Polarisisisis is brother to Flawless, and you can tell the whole family is killer!

Where Flawless is an Extreme Red Tricolor with heavy white spot trait, he is a dark firing lavender with cream on white and equally heavy white spotting. Some unique features include some pink spots in/over the white spots.

We are inclined to part with him but did throw him in with CAYlyx after she threw some duds mid season and expect at least one egg of his to hatch this year!