Pangea Reptile

This beautiful female is part of the OG collection that we had originally started with. 

She has been absolutely instrumental in helping us produce a variety of beautiful geckos.

Notably, she produced Scrawberry and YLS2, red and lavender clones of herself that are now in our breeding ranks.

A great example of the top end of lavender coloration- stays true to the purple hue both fired up and down.

Greenleaf Geckos

Psycho x Pangea

We weren't expecting reds because this girl was produced at a time when we weren't expecting anything, really.  When she hatched in 2016, we did manage to recognize that we had some solid red potential.

A solid representation of her mom's pattern and structure, unfired she is a pinkish gecko.

She fires up her vivid red, and passes it down, creating some our our nicest red lillies and red phantoms.

GreenLeaf Geckos

RugBurn x Scrawberry

We absolutely love this gecko.

With Scrawberry we knew had a solid red line to exploit, but she needed some more pattern and oomph to really take to the next level.

Fumi is the one of the geckos that represents us elevating our projects to another level.

We are beyond pumped to be welcoming her kids into our gecko world this year!

GreenLeaf Geckos

Splotchy white, highlighter yellow highlights to her crests and pattern make us absolutely love this female. 

We produced her several years ago from what we suspect was a Psycho x TriP pairing, before we really buttoned up our pairing data to be able to confirm.

We kept her onboard, and with RugBurn's help, created one of our top 3 personal favorite productions in Flawless.

GreenLeaf Geckos

RugBurn x Polarisisisis

When we snagged Rugburn, we had goals of using him withsome of our OG, in house produced females to eventually make a vibrant red tricolor, with high true white and extreme patterning-- basically to clone or outdo RugBurn.

We did that in one season, and this was the result.

Polarisisisis took everything she and Rugburn had and made one of the nicest geckos we have ever seen, even if we are biased.

Extremely proud to have her in our breeding ranks these days! 

Scaredy Cat Geckos

This is a Scaredy Cat Geckos production out of Ozzy x Sharon that we luckily acquired from Crestopia reptiles to help us establish our foundation Tricolor project.

Laurie had a similar serrated/jagged lateral pattern and we had to have her for Mitchell. 

We got this recipe correct, and were fortunate to have her produce all AAA geckos, notably ML2 and Yachty.

Her first babies for 2022 are already hatching , and we are excited to be able to share them all.

Altitude Exotics

An axanthic female from one of the best to do it, Altitude Exotics.

Unsure what else to say, this is one of the coolest genes in the gecko community and we are fortunate to get to work with it.

GreenLeaf Geckos

Potato x Manny

Potato1 produced almost everything yellow and cream or yellow phantom for us in the time before caring before pairing.

We wanted to breed our original collection one more time before moving on and got this beautiful upgrade to Potato1, Potatwo.

Yellow with white blotches, drippy dorsum, and spots make for an absolute killer gecko.

Along with her previous generation sibling, C.a.y.lyx, Potatwo has stayed on board as a cornerstone piece to the yellow projects.

GreenLeaf Geckos

Potato1 x ????

Cream and Yellow-lyx, or Caylyx, is an absolutely beautiful drippy yellow pinstripe that we unfortunately do not know who the sire is.

We assume it was Morty, as he is a C2 Phantom with similar features and this is the type of gecko that pairing would have produced.

Regardless, this yellow beauty produced some absolutely lovely geckos with Mitchell and Overachiever and we eagerly look forward to her future productions.

Crestie King

Nessie x Comet 

We snagged this cutie to have a shot at making some Phantom Lillies when bred to RugBurn. We assumed the red x red would do its thing similarly to RugBurn x Scrawberry (5 phantoms), but we were wrong.

While we did not get that result, we did manage to produce some absolutely beautiful Red Lilly Whites with super high coverage.

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